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Get an E-Card
Sign up for an e-card to access digital resources (including research, eBooks, and e-audiobooks) here: https://www.wrlsweb.org/e-library-card-registration-form/ 

Do I need my library card for everything at the library?

The librarian needs to swipe your card or view your driver’s license for every checkout or request as we have a large patron database and need to make sure we have the correct person each time we serve you.  We are also under privacy law in Wisconsin. You may not pick up items that someone else has ordered unless you present us with the card on which it was ordered.

You do not need your card for dropping off books; but if you want to inquire on any overdue fee, please present your card to us.

Are Readstown Public Library Cards free?

They are free for any Wisconsin resident or person with temporary residency in Wisconsin.  Out-of State residents are required to pay an annual fee of $50.00 as of January 2010.

How do I get Started?

Visit your nearest library to sign up for a library card if you are 16 years or older.  Make sure to have your driver’s license or state ID handy if you have one, and something showing your current address if your ID has not been updated. Staff will create a patron record, and make sure your address, email and phone number are correct on the system.  Your librarians can show you how easy it is to sign into the WRLS System Catalog.

How big is this Catalog?

We have access to 35 libraries in the Winding Rivers System.  That’s a lot of books, DVDs, music, audiobooks, Playaways and e-book downloads to choose from.

Can I order library Items from my home computer?

The answer is definitely Yes!

Just click on SEARCH CATALOG on the right menu or bookmark this address on your home PC.

You can sign in with your library card number and a PIN number and browse around the WRLS Catalog.  You can also access the catalog from this website under the Catalog button.

Can I order and download electronic books from my home computer?

Yes, Again!

Have your library card handy, and visit the Wisconsin Digital Library page. Use the following link and choose Alma Public Library from the drop down list:


Or Download the new Libby App to your device. It’s designed to make the process simpler with fewer steps: Get Started With Libby Here!

How Fast can I get a best-seller?

It is first come, first serve. In the shared WRLS Catalog you will have access to copies available from the 30 libraries. The list narrows down quickly and you may receive the book sooner than you think!

How long a wait will I have for an e-book?

About the same amount of time for any printed best-seller.  The great thing about e-books is that they automatically become available to the catalog as soon as their due date is up.  You do not have to wait for late returns as you would with printed copies.

How will I get notified when my items are in?

You can sign up for TEXT messages if you are interested in receiving a notice by TEXT when your item arrives from another library. Otherwise, you can be notified by phone or email.  Let us know whether you prefer text, phone or email notification.

What is the age requirement for a library card?

Parents may request a library card for their child at any age, but usually the parents register their children at the end of the Second Grade.  The Librarian schedules special presentations for second grade students attending Alma and Cochrane-Fountain City schools.

Adults may register for a card at any time.  Adults are considered to be 16 years and older according to State Law.

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